Tarporley Silver Band  Founded 1875

New Members

Recruitment and Band Supporters

We are always looking for sponsors and funds to keep this established band going. 

We need events to play and memebrs to contribute time and skills.  The band has a number of vacancies across the sections, but especially in cornet, baritone, and bass.  If you wish to play with us or support us in any way, please make contact and we will be happy to see how you can help keep the band going for the next generation. 

Without help, this band will run out of funds and members, and it is the kind support of locals and members that have kept it going for so long. 


New younger members are needed to train up to level required to play and organise music and events.  We have a great collection of music and our own band room.  There are no fees to pay, just your wish to play music or contribute to a worthwhile organisation. 

Please make time to visit us and try us out, you are welcome any Thursday evening or event when you see us.

Vacancies: You will need to either be able to play and read music to at least grade one level, but for full enjoyment of the music we play, above a grade 3 level.  You are encouraged to have your own instrument, but we have a range of instruments that can be loaned on request and after a trial period of guest membership.  There is no beginners band or training band, we accommodate the various musical performance levels within what we do, and there will be something for everyone beginner to soloist.

There are no fees to pay to join the band or become a member, but equally there are no allowances for traveling to practices, events and performance, instrument hire or any other incidental cost.  Band instruments are insured, but you should insure your own instrument privately.  The band pays for its expenses by private donation and performance donations.

Sorry, we do not have music for other wind instruments, e.g. flute, sax, clarinet, fife, oboe, bassoon.

Please make contact to the band expressing an interest in any brass band instrument, but especially:

  • Musical Director/Conductor
  • Soprano Cornet
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Cornet
  • Reprint Cornet
  • Flugel Horn
  • 1st and 2nd Baritone
  • 2nd Euphonium
  • 1st and 2nd Eb Bass
  • Percussion (Kit)

Non Musical Vacancies:

  • Uniform, band equipment and instrument officer.

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