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News Items for the Tarporley Silver Band

September 2019

Band Open Day.  Please be available from 2pm onwards to prepare the band hall and music for the event.  Please anticipate that you will need to be available until approximately 5pm to assist the tidy up afterwards..

August 2019

Short break during the holiday season, next practice Sun 1st September.

July 2018

Thanks are due to all players and friends supporting us at the Tarporley Carnival on the 13th of July, who helped us make the day so successful at this fantastic annual village event.  The Gazebo and instrument try-out on the event field was a new enterprise for the band, and went very well, with many people having a go trying an instrument and talking to us.  This is likely to be repeated on an annual basis.  We are most grateful to the Tarporley Village Council and Carnival Committee for supporting us in both playing and promoting our organisation.

April 2019


SUNDAYS, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Practices and how to find us.

We meet every Sunday afternoon, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Behind No.30 High Street, look for ‘The Close’ and the fashion shop Papillion’.

We have our own band room off Tarporley High Street, with the following directions.

The nearest post code to the path is CW6 0EA.

Parking is always a premium in Tarporley, please park carefully not on any yellow lines and blocking entrances or junctions.  There is an enthusiastic traffic warden, so be aware. If on road parking is not available, there is a large car park in the centre of town, and a footpath along the field boundary in dry weather is an option vs the pedestrian path and road (approx 200m).

The public footpath from the High Street leads to the band room, about 100m from the main road.  There is an old red post box on a sandstone wall next to the footpath start, also some small shops.  As you travel down the High Street towards Chester, look out for the takeaway on the junction to the right, the path is opposite the junction about 25m towards Nantwich.

April 2019

AGM – Les Platt was confirmed as the new Hon. Treasurer replacing Alan Walker, who we thank for his efforts and commitment for the past few years. Agreed to meet on Sundays for practices and concentrate on recruitment of new players.  The band is at a difficult position since the unexpected death of our conductor, Trevor Sutherland last September.  Also, with low numbers in some sections, we could not commit to a concerts or events without help from other band players. Agreed to confirm the Tarporley Carnival event on July 13th, but respectfully decline others requested until the band is stronger.

April 2019

Members players, parents and guests will be pleased to see that we have upgraded the band hall with a new Eco-Friendly composting toilet and a kitchen for refreshments.  New storage in the ceiling and a full decoration and maintenance programme has made a real difference.  We can now offer facilities to a wider potential membership, which is still free, to parents and younger players (Age 10+, accompanied).  Tuition and instruments available upon request.

November 2018

The band has agreed to stop practices until the spring of 2019.  This gives us the time to upgrade the band hall for younger players and provide a Toilet and other facilities.

September 2018

We were happy to be awarded a grant form the Tarporley Town Council of £250 towards a new toilet facility in our band hall.  Work to make a new room for the toilet, additional storage, a kitchen area and decoration to start soon.

September 2018

We learned of the sad, untimely and sudden announcement of the death of Trevor Sutherland.  Trevor was acting conductor of this band, and Conductor of the Llay Miners Welfare band near Wrexham.  Trevor had a very long association with our band, and many other bands, and as an enthusiastic bandsman, arranger, conductor and musician, he is very much missed by us all in banding.

June 2016

After our AGM in May, we have had a few changes.  Chris Hardy has been kindly acting as Musical Director and Conductor for a couple of years, and he has now stepped down.  The band is grateful to Chris for all his hard work preparing musical arrangements for us and organising our concert and practice programmes.  We are now sadly without a conductor at present, but are hopeful that this is but a short intelude.  As you read this and either wish to help us out either on a temporary basis or potentially more permantly, you are welcome to ether come to our practice and make an introduction to us, or seek further details in confidence from the Secretary Alan Walker or Treasurer Jonathan Howell.

Our strategy is to recruit more members and improve the band room to support our members.  We have plans in progress for an inside toilet and possibly small refreshment area on a temporasry basis while we seek charitable funds for larger improvements.  To enable the future success of the band, we have decided to seek Charatable Status, and this will open a range of oportunities to the band in its organisation and community outreach.  It is sad to say that a band so long established and with so illustrious a past could close due to a lack of members.  The field next to the band room has planning permission for a new housing estate, and once this is completed, a new road will approach the band room and allow some easier access.  We hope that this development will aid access for the band members to the band room.

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